Tenative Mason-Dixon 2013 Schedule

All dates are subject to change


Feb. 16-17  USLMRA National – Tampa, FL
Mar 2-3      Mason-Dixon Exhibition – Baltimore, MD
Mar. 17      Mason-Dixon Test and Tune – Havre de Grace, MD
Apr. 6-7      USLMRA National – Charlotte Motor Speedway
Apr. 20       Mason-Dixon @ The Duck – Havre de Grace, MD – 5PM (Tech @ 2:30)
Apr. 27-28  USLMRA National – McDonough, GA
May 18       Mason-Dixon @ The Duck – Havre de Grace, MD
Jun. 15        Mason-Dixon @ The Duck – Havre de Grace, MD
Jun. 29-30   USLMRA National – Carlisle, IA
Jul. 4           USLMRA National – Estacada, OR
Jul. 7           Mason-Dixon @ Steppingstone – Havre de Grace, MD
Jul. 20-21    USLMRA National – Sparta, MI
Aug. 2-3      USLMRA National – Clements, MD
Aug. 10       Mason-Dixon @ The Duck – Havre de Grace, MD
Sep. 14       USLMRA National Finals – Delaware, OH
Sep. 16       Mason-Dixon @ Charles County Fair, Charles County, MD
Oct. 13       Mason-Dixon Finals @ The Duck – Havre de Grace, MD

Other races may be added, changed or deleted.

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I will continue to try to locate the issue, and hopefully I will be able to resolve that sooner than later.




Mason-Dixon’s Championship 2012 – Tentative Results

Mason-Dixon’s Points Season of 2012 has been completed!






The points Championship run is upon us…


… and now the counting begins…



We are going back over every race’s results and double checking every point value credited to each racer.  Already several minor typographical errors were found and people were given their proper points.  We will be continuing to check and recheck the points over the next few days.  Tentative Points Results will be posted on Saturday, October 20th, 2012.  When they are released, PLEASE double check all points you are credited with and see if they are correct. If there are any errors you MUST notify us immediately so we can correct them. All corrections must be requested by the 31st of October.


 Confirmed Champions prior to the Race on October 14th, 2012

Lauren Filos – JP Class

Lauren Filos – GPK Class

Jackie Andrews – AP Class

Jackie Andrews – SP Class

Wally Bender – FX Class

Mason-Dixon’s Race for the Championship

Mason-Dixon’s Final Points Race of 2012 will be held at The Duck Mowerplex in Havre de Grace, Maryland on Sunday October 14th, 2012 






The points Championship run is upon us…



After tallying all the points for the prior races, Its showdown time.  The complete points standings can be seen here. But I’m going to give you a quick highlight of how each class sits and who has the ability to take the top 3 spots in each class.  Several classes are VERY close, with 1st place up in the air, while others the first place winner is already confirmed but the rest of the field is up for grabs. All names listed have the possibility of ending up in the top 3.  Although some would have to take first for this to happen, we all know that when it comes to race day, anything can happen. The race to watch will be the GP class, as its totally up for anyone to win! Names in red are Confirmed Champions and do not even need to race to take 1st place.

Points are awarded as follows: 1st place = 600, 2nd place = 500, 3rd place = 400, 4th-? = 200, DNF = 150, DNS = 50 






3800 – Lauren Filos

1700 – Jordan Brown

1100 – Jacob Keezer

3750 – Lauren Filos

2400 – Lou Filos

2300 – Ron Thomas

2200 -Wally Bender

1700 – Dawn Filos




3000 – Jackie Andrews

2150 – Wally Bender

1800 – Mark Moran Jr

1700 – Bobby Gomoljak

1250 – Scott Beacom

1200 – Ken Jones

1100 – Joey Nahas

1050 – Vikcy Nahas

1000 – Pat Gore

900 – Lou Filos

2650 – Jackie Andrews

2150 – Wally Bender

1800 – Jason Brown

1600 – JT Pennington

1400 – Billy Williams

1200 – Pat Gore




2450 – Kevin Ferguson

2400 – Lou Filos

750 – Lee Grover

600 – John Hyatt

600 – Ron Thomas

600 – Mark Moran Jr

500 – Scott Sheperd

1850 – Ron Thomas

1200 – Kody Bennett

600 – Jeremy Mullens

150 – Ken Jones

150 – Josh Townley

2550 – Wally Bender

2250 – Matt Moran

1250 – Mark Moran Sr

750 – Greg Tice



Post Georgia Nationals Interview with Kevin Ferguson

Kevin Ferguson
Continuing our coverage of the United States Lawnmower Racing Association ( USLMRA ) STA-BIL Nationals, we had a chance to sit down with Kevin Ferguson and discuss the Georgia Nationals.  You can view Kevin’s Driver Profile pages by following the link at the end of the interview.

Mowersport.com : I want to start off by saying thanks for doing this interview with us, overall how would you say the weekend went?

Kevin : No problem, the weekend was great overall had some ups and downs but I had my best nation finish ever. And got spend it with great friends.

Mowersport.com : You’re apart of the Mason-Dixon Local Chapter correct?

Kevin : Yes I am and it’s a great bunch of people.

Mowersport.com : How many of your Chapter members made it down with you to the Southern Shootout in McDonough, Georgia?

Kevin : I think there were 10 of us racing in Georgia.

Mowersport.com : Is it encouraging to be racing along side with so many of your local chapter racers?

Kevin : Yes i believe we do encourage each other, we are alwa’s willing to help each other with any problem we could have.

Mowersport.com :  With having taking first in both previous Local Chapter Races, did you have high hopes for how you’d place at the Southern Shootout?

Kevin : Um yes i have finally started to get everything tweaked, I always have high hopes where ever i go, but I never take the great bunch of racers I compete against for granted ever. 

Mowersport.com : You ran into a little trouble in the First heat/feature races at the Georgia Nationals, can you tell us a little about that?

Kevin : The first heat race i was running for first when Alex Stella got real loose and we could of got tied up and steered away from it and lost second to Keith Beacom. Now the first feature race i have my feeling that I was ran into in between turn three and four on lap 12, where i broke my front spindle and brake line cut my front tire also.

Mowersport.com : I know I saw you working on your tractor pretty heavily between the first and second set of races.  It seemed to pay off well too. Were you certain that the work you had done would last the next race?

Kevin : Yes it was alot of work that had to done just be able to compete in the 2nd feature. I must say thank you to everyone that helped or asked to help, Jason Brown, Wally Bender, and Keith Beacom for all of there help and parts.Yes it paid off for sure, i was certain that everything was put back together correctly and was going to hold up the only thing that i was uncertain about was the steering wasn’t going to be straight which threw the handling off it was a little of a handful but i have defintley had worse steering equipment in the past bu tthe thing i was worried about the most was me if I could hold up. It was a hot long day and doing alot of work between rounds took a a lot of energy out of me.

Mowersport.com : The evening CP race was definately an action packed race, at any point were you worried you wouldnt place well?

Kevin : It was action packed and was hard work trust me at times Chris Coxs was right there. If i juggled just a little bit I could of slipped to second real fast. The only thing i had in my favor was the two of us catching the rear of the field and i made all of the right moves to dispose of them fast to put space between me and Chris Cox. I will tell you from the first national race in FL Chris and I battled in both races. He is a great racer and is a pleasure to race against.
Kevin Ferguson
Mowersport.com : I could see going into those final few laps you were reallying giving it your all, how good did it feel to cross the finish line and take first?

Kevin : Yes I saw the five to go and I told myself I can do this.  It felt great it took four years to cross a national race start finish line in first place.

Mowersport.com : With all the ups and downs that day of racing, would you say in the end it was worth it?

Kevin : Well there were definitely more down than ups, oh yes it was definitely worth it. 

Mowersport.com : Well, we hope you continue to race well and I’m sure we will talk again soon.  Best luck to you for the rest of the season.

Kevin : Thank you very much, I truly hope so.  I would like to thank all of my sponsors, Bully Bling Energy, WM Gibson Construction, Masterpiece Autobody, S & J Heating & Air, D. Anne Emery & Associates & special thanks to Mom and Dad, and a BIG thank you to  Chrissy for all her support and help. 

It was a great weekend for Kevin, bringing home his first National 1st place finish, and another win for the Mason-Dixon Lawnmower Racing Association.  For more information on Kevin check out his driver profile page:

Driver Profile – Kevin Ferguson

 You can read our other interviews with Mason-Dixon Drivers by going to the Mason-Dixon chapter page and clicking on the ‘Interviews’ tab. 

Points of Interest


Race Photography from the USLMRA Nationals At Charlotte Motor Speedway is now online.



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Mason-Dixon’s next race will be at the Charles County Fair next Friday, Sept. 14, 2012

The next Mason-Dixon race will be at the Charles County Fair next Friday, Sept. 14, 2012!
The address is : Charles County Fair 8840 Fairgrounds Rd. La Plata, MD
The Southern MD Food Bank is seeking non-perishable food items. They will be collected Friday before 6pm.
If you have any canned good or cereals that you can spare, please bring them and show your support!

The Web Site for the Charles County Fair is the following:

Tech & registration will open at 3:00 & close at 5:00pm.
Drivers meeting is 5:15
Heat races will start approx. 5:30.

The National Anthem will be sang by Mr Joe Gardiner, our host contact, at approx 6:55pm.
Features will be immediately following the National Anthem. All times are flexible, so be ready!

We know the time frame for this event is not our normal time, but it is a good venue and nice track.
The spectators appreciate any and all racers that can make it. We have a large crowd!

Please remember to bring your USLMRA renewal receipt for 2013.
(A one-day-only-race cost is $10.00 if you are not a member.)

Our annual race at Blob’s Park will be Sunday Sept. 23, 2012.
Mike Boris and the Moose Lodge will host breakfast starting at 7:00AM.
Cost should be $8.00 per person. The address is: 8024 Max Blobs Park Rd., Jessup, MD 20794

Race Day Schedule (Blobs Park):
Registration and Tech: 9 am – 11:00 am
Safety Officials Meeting : 10:30 am

Drivers Meeting: 11:30 am
Lunch: 12:00 pm, 1 ticket per driver from Mike & Mary Lou Boris
Practice: 1:15 pm
Feature races: 2:30 pm

Mason-Dixon’s last & final event for 2012 will be announced for sometime in October. A date has not been confirmed yet.

Thank you everyone… Be safe in your travels! See you at the races!